Environmental Policy 


We are committed to reducing the impact that we have on the environment and to developing and sustaining valuable relationships with our farmers and suppliers.

We define our sustainable business strategy in four key areas: sustainable farming, environmental impact, supplier relationships and the supply chain, as we feel that these areas are where we can make the greatest impact.

We have set attainable goals that we believe we can achieve if we work as a collective and in collaboration with our partners within the market.


We fully understand the importance of environmental sustainability and its benefit to the community. Thus, Earlybird is striving to achieve environmental and social sustainability in its practices, and the delivery of its services. This will include:

  • Committing to continually monitor and improve the environmental and social sustainability performance of the business

  • Regularly updating and implementing our environmental management systems

  • Ensuring the implementation of our environmental action plan in accordance with the green codes of practice requirements

We work closely with our coffee partners to ensure a lasting relationship from farm to client. The majority of the coffee we trade has either been certified Fairtrade or with an equivalent certification such as 'Farmgate' and 'UTZ'.

At Earlybird, we only use environmentally friendly packaging such as:

  • Recyclable outer box

  • Recyclable sachets

Earlybird will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. The business owner has responsibility for business operations, including acting as the Sustainability Co-ordinator. This includes responsibility for continual environmental performance; identification of environmental risks; recording and monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures. Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering local staff and, wherever efficient and environmentally sustainable, products and services will be sourced locally. We will encourage our staff throughout their training and inductions and throughout their working days to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability to our customers, suppliers, contractors, and agents.


At Earlybird we are committed to ensuring the livelihoods of the farmers we work with are protected and fairly rewarded.

At present, the vast majority of the beans in our unique blend are sourced from identifiable and traceable sources and we are working hard to ensure we purchase every bean this way.

We take responsibility not just for providing high quality coffee but for supporting communities and the environment where our coffee is grown.